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9 Things to Do Before Selling Your Car

Selling your car can be a daunting task, especially if you haven’t had much experience. Making a list of what to look for in a new ride might be easy, but what should you do to prepare your current car for sale?

Ideally, you want to sell your car as fast as possible and for the best price possible, so you have the funds available for a new car.

To help improve the selling experience, we’ve compiled a 9-step guide to prepare your car for sale.

1. Make A Great First Impression Before Selling Your Car

This might be the most obvious tip – but a shiny clean car on the outside is more likely to impress potential buyers, as it gives the impression of great vehicle maintenance on the inside as well!

Make sure you remove personal items and clear out any rubbish – check under the seats, the boot and even around the spare tyre. The glove box should only contain the owner’s manual and service book – ensure there are no other items in the car that can rattle around during a test drive. Be prepared for potential buyers to check every nook and cranny – including the engine bay. While you’re in the engine bay, you should check all fluids are clean and topped up.

Don’t forget an air freshener to improve the buyer’s experience!

2. Inspect Your Car Like You’re The Buyer

Now it’s time to look at your car objectively like you are the one purchasing it.

Take your time to make notes of anything that might put off a prospective buyer such as rust, dents, cracks in the glass, scratches in the paint, and scuff marks that detract from a car’s appeal. Make sure to check all lights to test if they’re functional.

Completing an inspection of your car will also help you manage any expectations of what potential buyers may ask you.

3. Check For Any Dent and Paint Repairs Needed.

As we’ve mentioned, maintaining your car’s appearance is very important when it comes to putting it up for sale. Cars with fewer imperfections give a better first impression to potential buyers, and often achieve a higher selling price!

Don’t let the smallest dings and dents ruin the appearance of your car. To maximise your car’s resale value, it’s worth seeing whether you can cost-effectively remove these via specialist dent removal services and bumper repairs, such as the services offered by Gino’s Panel & Paint. If your car is suffering from scratches or fading, car scratch repair or spray-painting services can work wonders.

4. Ensure Your Vehicle’s Service History Is Up To Date

Ideally, you’ll have logbook servicing records to prove the car has been maintained. Having this proof means you avoid having to negotiate the sale price with potential buyers who are unsure of the car’s condition.

If your vehicle hasn’t received regular servicing, make sure to book a car service before selling so you can promote its great condition.

5. Check The Condition of Your Tyres & Wheels

The last thing you want to do is negotiate your sale price because the potential buyer has noticed the tyres need replacing!

To avoid any arguments or bargaining with potential buyers upon inspection, you should also check your tyre pressure and for any punctures.

While your tyres don’t have to be brand new, they need to be roadworthy, and they should be clean.

6. Be Prepared for Questions

Once you’ve listed your car for sale, you’ll start to receive enquiries from potential buyers, so it’s not a bad idea to have a list of answers to potential questions ready to go. Some questions they may ask include: how many previous owners has it had? Does it have any accident history? Some may even ask you why you’re selling the car.

7. Take Amazing Photos of The Car You’re Selling

If you make your car look appealing in the photos, people will be more inclined to check it out!

You don’t have to be a professional photographer, just ensure the car is clean and choose an attractive location. Keep in mind that harsh sunlight creates glare and shadows, so try to take photos at dusk or dawn or on an overcast day.

8. Know Your Car’s Resale Value

You should explore other listings of the same make and model and with similar kilometres, to choose a better selling price. There are online tools that can give you an approximate valuation, including Redbook or Cars Guide.

 9. Keep Yourself Safe While Selling Your Car

If you’re selling your vehicle privately, it’s important to ensure your safety when inviting strangers to view it.

Firstly, never provide your personal details to anybody over the internet and you should be wary of buyers offering to pay more than your asking price. Always have someone with you during potential buyer visits – you may even like to meet somewhere public. If they want a test drive, take a photo of their driver’s licence, and go with them during the drive (with a friend in the car).

What To Do When You’re Ready To Buy A New Car

Now that we’ve given you 9 top tips on how to prepare to sell your car, if you are looking to buy a second-hand car, we can help!

A pre-purchase car inspection from Gino’s Panel & Paint can help you buy a car with confidence. We can determine if a car has been serviced regularly, and whether it’s been in an accident.

Book a pre-purchase car inspection here.

Sell Your Car Quicker with Gino’s

Boost your car’s resale value with Gino’s Panel & Paint, located in South Fremantle.

Gino’s Panel & Paint is your one-stop shop for log book servicing and smash repairs, as well as getting any scratches fixed and dents removed before selling your car.



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