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Next time your pride and joy needs a service, a wheel alignment or balance, or even some new rubber call the team at Gino’s. Our tyre service includes:

  • Tyre pressure and condition check
  • Visual underbody check on hoist
  • Rotate tyres
  • Electronic wheel balance
  • Inspection & report
  • Puncture repair
  • Rim Sizes from 10-28”
  • Tyre manufacturer’s guarantee and warranty

wheel balance and rotation $50 wheel alignment $88

* Wheel Balance and Rotation (4 wheels)
* All pricing includes GST
* Prices vary depending on vehicle and service (please inquire for 4WD’s)

Tyre Brands


“All major tyre brands supplied. Ask us for your preference”

Contactless Tyre Removal

Are you worried about your prized rims being damaged by a tyre lever? Gino’s Tyres & Wheels use a State of the art European tyre changer that makes no contact with your wheels, allowing us to handle your wheels with the care and attention they deserve. Try the Gino’s Experience for yourself!

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Tyre FAQs

As a general rule, tyres should be replaced when the tread depth indicator gets below 2mm. All tyres over the age of 6 years should be checked for signs of degradation. If your tyres are more than 10 years old, they should be replaced immediately. Generally speaking, tyres should last for about 40,000km.
As a rule of thumb for most passenger vehicles we recommend 32 PSI - 36 PSI, although larger vehicles may require up to 36-42 PSI. To find the optimal pressure level for your vehicle refer to the Tyre Placard located on the inside of the driver’s door or your owner’s manual.
Using the incorrect tyre size may be dangerous for your vehicle and in some cases can void your insurance policy. To find the correct tyre size for your vehicle refer to the Tyre Placard located on your vehicle. Typically, your tyre size will be reflected in a number sequence like 205/60 R15 91V. Alternatively you can work it out with Width + Aspect Ratio + Rim = Your Tire Size. You can find your width, aspect ratio, and rim size on your tyre's sidewall.
A wheel alignment involves using specialised equipment to precisely measure and position your tyres and axis to ensure everything remains straight while you are driving your vehicle. We recommend checking your wheel alignment once every 12 months to avoid costly wear and tear down the track. You can tell if your vehicle requires a wheel alignment because it will be pulling to the left or right, the steering wheel may be crooked when you’re driving straight, there’s uneven wear on your tyres or if your handling feels loose.
A tyre or wheel balance requires redistributing the weight of a tyre to ensure they are all equal in size. Doing so will ensure vehicle safety, extend the life of your tyres and increase overall vehicle performance. If you’re on the road regularly, it is recommended to have your tyres balanced once every 2 years.
Contactless tyre removal is where your tyres are removed from the rims without making contact, ensuring your rims aren’t damaged by a tyre lever in the process. This state-of-the-art machinery is not an industry standard and can only be found at premium auto specialists such as Gino’s.

Trusted Partners

Gino’s Panel and Paint is an Approved Repairer with RAC, Allianz and Tokio Marine Nichido, as well as the Preferred Repairer for Subaru.

As a member of the Motor Trade Association of WA, the peak automotive industry organisation in WA, our concern for the shared environment is recognised with Green Stamp Advantage Accreditation.

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Upgrade to our Gold service for $299 — This package includes a comprehensive safety check, tyre rotation & balance and much more.

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