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If you are looking to buy a second-hand car, make sure you are not getting a lemon!

Take the guesswork out of the quality and have the cosmetic bodywork and structural integrity professionally checked before you purchase. Only real automotive experts can immediately tell if the car has been in an accident. They will be looking for existing damage, whether the car has been repaired properly and advise you of what to expect with wear and tear moving forward.

At Gino’s we are dedicated to giving you quality service according to your needs. Therefore, we have 3 different pre-purchase inspection options available, depending on what level of service you would like.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Types

Body Inspection


Professional inspection of the body and paintwork of the car (from the ground) to check for cosmetic and structural damage.

Body & Chassis Inspection


Comprehensive hoisted inspection of body, paintwork and chassis.

Full Inspection


Comprehensive body, paintwork, chassis and mechanical check. Ticking off everything you need checked.

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection FAQs

A pre-purchase car inspection is performed by an automotive professional to examine a second handcar for evidence that the car has been in an accident or had repairs performed.
There are three levels of pre-purchase car inspection:
  • Body Inspection - $150
  • Body & Chassis Inspection -$300
  • Full Inspection - $500
See for more information.
Pre-purchase car inspections are not usually covered by your existing car insurance, but the car inspection report may be useful when negotiating the cost of your potential future car insurance.
If the pre-purchase car inspection is performed for a car you will be using for business, you may be able to claim some or all the cost as a business expense. Keep a detailed record of the service and the cost, and present this to an accountant or seek further clarification from the ATO.
If you use your car for business, you may be able to assign pre-purchase car inspection as a business expense. Consult the ATO for further information.

Trusted Partners

Gino’s Panel and Paint is an official RAC Ready-Drive, Allianz & Tokio Marine Nichido Approved Repairer and the Preferred Repairer for Subaru.

As a member of the Motor Trade Association of WA, the peak automotive industry organisation in WA, our concern for the shared environment is recognised with Green Stamp Advantage Accreditation.

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