What Is A Logbook Service?

We all know cars need servicing every now and again to prevent major problems down the line, and the first thing you should isolate before going for a car service is what type of service your vehicle needs. But what is the difference between a minor service, a major service, or a logbook service?

While Gino’s Panel & Paint offer every type of car service, the most comprehensive is logbook service.

What is a logbook?

A vehicle log book is provided by a vehicle’s manufacturer when you purchase a new car. It contains servicing guidelines and requirements based on the mileage point your car has reached. Mechanics will generally rely on the logbook to perform services in-line with what the manufacturer has specified as most crucial at each stage of the car’s life. If you want to maintain your vehicle warranty it’s a requirement to maintain a service schedule in-line with what has been itemised in your log book.

What’s involved in a logbook service?

Generally, the first log book service around 1000kms is more safety orientated to check everything is running as it should be. From there on services can range to include anything like but not limited to; brake inspections and adjustments, suspension inspections, checking lights, checking hoses and fan belts.

Different manufacturers will specify different specifications for log book services at different stages. Some of the services you’ll find are quite minor whilst others tend to be more extensive.

Everything carried out in a logbook service will be performed in-line with what the manufacturer intended for the vehicle when they built it.


How often do I need to have a logbook service?

The industry rule of thumb is every 10,000kms or 6 months, whichever you reach first.

“Every car is different from the next” says Aaron Scagliotta, Director (Gino’s Panel and Paint). “If you’ve just purchased a new car take the time to read through the logbook and owner’s manual to really isolate the manufacturer’s recommendations on car servicing and how best to look after the car”

Benefits of getting a logbook service

  • Retain your new vehicle warranty. If something goes wrong with your vehicle having an up to date vehicle logbook will give you your best chance at claiming the damages under your warranty. According to the ACCC any qualified and registered mechanic can perform a log book service not only the official dealership where you purchased the car.
  • Reduce future repair costs. Having your vehicle serviced in conjunction with what has been specified in your log book will minimise the chances of something else popping up in the future.
  • Maintain your vehicle’s re-sale value. Buyers love knowing that a vehicle has been regularly maintained according to regular log book servicing and this will almost always command a higher price when you put the car up for sale.
  • Personal relief! Take pleasure in knowing your baby is being looked after to the highest of standards every time it goes in for a service.


If you’d like to know more about log book services or would like to book your vehicle in for one, contact the expert team at Gino’s today. Not only are we registered and qualified to fulfill logbook services but we strictly only work with quality parts ensuring your vehicle runs better for longer. Find out why our reputation is so great and how we’ve had the privilege of taking care of the local community since 1973.

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