14 09, 2021

The 10 Best-selling Cars in 2021

2021-09-21T02:29:39+00:00September 14th, 2021|Hints & Tips, News|

It's always interesting to know which new vehicles are most popular and becoming most prevalent on our roads, but if you’ve been in the market for a new car recently in Perth, you may have noticed some considerable availability issues. Growing demand for new cars, coupled with global production shortages have been causing frustratingly long

5 01, 2021

Essential Equipment for Off-Road 4WD Adventures

2021-01-11T04:10:07+00:00January 5th, 2021|Hints & Tips, Mechanical Service|

Are you preparing for your first off-road adventure or simply going further and for longer than you have before? Amongst the excitement, it can be easy to neglect the essentials that will best keep you safe and sound and getting back as planned. In this article, we look at the essentials you should pack for

27 05, 2020

Safety Tips For Driving Down South

2020-06-12T02:56:08+00:00May 27th, 2020|Hints & Tips, Smash Repairs, Uncategorized|

With current international travel restrictions in place due to COVID-19 and expected to remain in place for some time, now is a great opportunity to explore your backyard here in Western Australia. Driving long distances, however, often means long periods behind the wheel on high-speed roads presenting a host of risks that can be potentially

14 04, 2020

Car Colour Trends Throughout The Years

2020-04-21T06:12:39+00:00April 14th, 2020|Car Respray, Smash Repairs|

Ever since the dawn of time, humans have longed for the freedom of choice. Whether it's where to live, what you do for an income or more materialistic decisions like what kind of hair style you want or even what kind of car to drive. One of the first questions we're asked when we tell

5 02, 2020

Why Fremantle is the Best Australian City

2020-03-26T08:59:29+00:00February 5th, 2020|News|

What Makes Fremantle An Amazing Place To Visit Not so long ago, Lonely Planet named Fremantle ahead of Rome as one of the top 10 cities in the world to visit. So what makes the port city so special? With a population of over 30,000, Fremantle is a bustling city, close enough to Perth (22km)

8 05, 2019

Top 10 Car Accessories (You Love To Hate!)

2019-06-10T05:31:22+00:00May 8th, 2019|News|

Since the day the automotive vehicle was conceived people have found a way to accessorize them. Sometimes these accessories presented an opportunity to make a statement, sometimes they’ve even been functional. Most of the time however they’re just a bit of fun, for those of us not taking life too seriously. When done right these

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