Rapid Repair Technology Saves Time & Money

Gino’s Rapid Repair service is the perfect solution if you can’t do without your car for too long. Using the latest technology, Gino’s provides a quick turnaround – so you can get your car back 65% faster!

The rapid repair process is all about minimising your time at the panel beaters – and time is money! By reducing your car repair time, it means that you will be able to behind the wheel of your car sooner.

With fewer steps required and less wait time between each process, this means your car is not left sitting in the workshop waiting for the next step. This means that the system is capable of optimizing repair times and reducing labor costs by as much as four or five hours for each repair!

The reduction in time that the rapid repair process delivers is through two systems that paint then dry your vehicle. These systems are the Symach Paint Application Process (SAP) and the Flydry system. It’s important to note that these systems are not available at all panel beaters, which sets Gino’s apart from the rest.


Rapid Repair Process

SAP System

The Symach Paint Application Process, represents a painting method that integrates robotic technology. Since the paint dries in just a few seconds, a painting process has been developed that significantly reduces the time required to wait between applying coats of paint to your vehicle.

SprayTron is the newest generation of spray booth on the market to date. It is high-performing, automated and it is built with the best burner, the best fans and the best material available on the market. It can work as a conventional spray booth using hot air from the burner or with radiant waves using a robot.

The result of using the SAP System is a substantial reduction in the painting process. On average, this is reduced by 60% to 70%, while drying time is reduced by 80% to 90% compared to any conventional systems.


Flydry System

The Flydry is a robot that can dry every part of your vehicle. It is comprised of one automatic column that can rotate 360°, and reach all sides and the top of the vehicle. It has one arm with 2 different infrared lamps that can move automatically in every position, top and down, covering every different angle.

The drying speed is around 32 inches per minute, which to put into perspective, dries the length of a vehicle’s door in less than two minutes. When this is compared to the electric infrared that is the industry standard, the Flydry is 7 times faster.


Mobile Updates Rapid Repair

Real Time Updates to Your Phone

At Gino’s Panel and Paint, we pride ourselves in putting the customer first, which is why we send you real time progress updates to your phone so you are always up to speed.

Leave us your phone number and we will update you on the state of the repair process at each stage, taking the guesswork out of when it will be ready.


Reduce Your Wait Time

Gino’s Panel and Paint ensure these processes are in place so that you can get your car back 65% faster.


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