It was New Year’s Eve in 1879 when the first gasoline engine car was introduced to the world by Carl Benz. The revolutionary one-cylinder two-stroke unit was a technological celebration of ingenuity and a welcomed addition to the world. Ever since then, we’ve crafted, moulded and developed the original blueprint to now creating advanced, modern automobiles which do so much more than just taking us from A to B. Whether it’s performance, comfort, off-road ability or driver safety you’re looking for, the fact remains we’re spoilt for choice in the 21st century.

Improved Driver Safety Through Modern Technology

It is mind boggling to consider the advancements in modern car technology since the birth of the automobile. The average engine output for mid-sized cars now sits at around 170-190 horsepower, with more powerful cars such as pick up trucks sitting at around the 275-300 mark – a far cry from Benz’s 0.75 hp (0.55kW) creation in 1879.

Whilst performance is important, driver safety is becoming an important consideration for car owners. An alarming statistic mentioned in one of our blogs related to Perth’s most dangerous roads states that Australia has recorded over 190,000 deaths since road fatality records began, with Western Australia ranked fourth in the country for road deaths. More than ever before, driver safety has become an essential component in today’s modern cars. Drivers want to know that they are protected in collision situations, with the introduction of modern technology such as Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems adding further safety benefits on our roads.


Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems_Parking assistance


What are Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems?

Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are crash avoidance technologies that help motorists maintain a higher level of driver safety on the roads. By introducing ADAS into today’s modern vehicles, drivers are now protected by warning systems and autonomous safety features. Features such as blind spot monitors can provide drivers with useful insight and awareness whilst driving, with a warning light flashing when vehicles enter the car’s blind spot – helping to prevent collisions. One of the biggest fears of all road accidents is loss of life, and features such as pedestrian collision warning systems can also mean the difference between life and death.

In a recent submission from Insurance Australia Group (IAG), it was reported that ADAS functions such as autonomous emergency braking can not only reduce the frequency of vehicle damage claims by 6-8%, but claim costs were also reduced by 10-15% based on their research. The report further stated evidence from the German Association of Insurers, who estimated a 63% reduction in parking claims as a result of motorists having the benefit of parking assistant automation in their vehicles.

Taken from the same report, below are some examples of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems helping to protect us from crashes, accidents and vehicle damage:

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) - IAG Report


Scale Economies And Efficiency

It’s no secret that technology has helped us advance the level of functionality of today’s modern vehicles. From driver safety and performance, to getting from A to B and embracing the thrill of driving, another factor often overlooked is efficiency. Driver technology now enables us to keep a closer eye on the maintenance of vehicles, with warning alerts and prompts providing drivers with push-notifications for items that require attention.

“It’s fantastic to see how technology is now helping to diagnose ongoing car maintenance challenges, prompting customers with reminders to come in for that overdue service, or to address that dashboard warning. It’s no secret that keeping on top of maintenance ensures optimal vehicle performance, but ultimately, it provides better longevity for longer lasting vehicles.” – Aaron Scagliotta, Director (Gino’s Panel and Paint).


Mechanical workshop - Gino's Panel and Paint


Regular Servicing and Maintenance

Modern technology has enabled us to improve our productivity and efficiency as local panel beaters in Perth, with our systems providing more automation for faster turn-around in quotes, bookings and communication. This translates into real benefits for customers as it allows us to order in parts sooner, helping to reduce wait times and improve our customer service levels and panel beater costs – something we are particularly passionate about.

Since the introduction of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), motorists can rest assured in the work being done for them behind the wheel. However, all electronic systems require maintenance just as much as the mechanical features on vehicles, which is why we suggest you keep on top of your regular servicing to ensure these driver safety features are working at optimal levels.

Need to address that recent notification on your dashboard? We welcome you to book a car service with our team of talented mechanics.