It’s no secret that Perth fuel prices are on the rise and filling up can be a costly drain on the wallet. While you can’t do much about the price hikes, there are several ways you can stretch your dollar further and reduce your fuel consumption. We’ve compiled eight handy hints that can help you save on fuel this summer.


Gino’s top tips to save on fuel

1. Drive Smarter

Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to preserving your fuel. Driving economically by maintaining a consistent speed and avoiding rapid stops or starts will consume less fuel. Bad news for lead foots too, any speed over 90km/h significantly increases fuel consumption so dropping a few k’s can make a huge difference. For cars with a cruise control feature, switching it on under safe freeway conditions will use less fuel than driving normally.


2. Steer Clear of Rush Hour

Sitting bumper-to-bumper when you have places to be is not only frustrating but also burning fuel unnecessarily. While it’s not always possible for us to skip rush hour altogether, sensible driving can save you more heartache. Pay close attention to the flow of traffic ahead so you can ease up on the brakes and travel at a consistent pace.


3. Get app-savvy

Perth petrol stations typically operate on a fortnightly fuel price cycle, with the lowest point on a Tuesday. Western Australian fuel stations are required to declare the next day’s fuel prices, made available to consumers by 2:30 pm, which must remain set for 24 hours from 6 am. Fuelwatch is a handy government-run fuel monitoring service, where you can compare fuel prices between locations. Several other apps and platforms provide price comparisons or fuel lock features to lock in the cheapest price, so it’s best to research which options will suit you.


4. Leave extra weight at home

While it’s great to be prepared for anything, your spare bowling ball probably won’t come in handy. Extra weight only increases fuel consumption, getting you less of the way for more of your hard-earned bucks. Offloading any unnecessary items before setting off will reduce the fuel needed to get you from A to B.

How to save on fuel prices

5. Consider aerodynamics

In addition to adding unnecessary weight, external car accessories such as roof racks will create drag causing greater fuel consumption. It’s best to keep these accessories at home when they’re not in use, but storing them in your boot is still an improvement. Also, as great as it feels to bring the outdoors in by opening windows and the sunroof, the airflow also creates the same hindering drag effect.


6. Roll up the windows

As well as reducing drag, keeping your window closed in favour of using air conditioning can also slash your fuel usage. Sure, it’s true that fuel consumption can be increased by up to 10% by air conditioning. However, once you exceed 80km/h, the drag created by an open window outweighs air conditioner fuel consumption and it’s best to roll your windows up and switch on the air conditioner.


7. Don’t put off filling up

If you’re someone who procrastinates a visit to the petrol station until the fuel gauge is hovering on empty, then you may just be your own worst enemy. Don’t get caught out on your way to an important event and be forced to fill up while the prices are sky-high. Scheduling your fill-up days can help you avoid paying exorbitant prices during the cycle highs.


8. Keep up with regular services

Regular car services ensure your car performs at its best, helping you save on fuel. A regular service will include ensuring your engine is tuned, oil changes, filter replacements, and other essential checks. Keeping a consistent service schedule around every 6-12 months will not only maximise your fuel efficiency but also keep you and your passengers safe.


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