In the unfortunate instance where you have had an accident, it’s important to find the right smash repairer. In most cases, it’s up to you to choose where you’d prefer to have your vehicle’s damage quoted on and then repaired. Your insurer may suggest repairers or upon request, supply a list of selected or preferred repairers in your local area. These recommendations are for repairers that have been evaluated and are recognised as highly qualified auto body repair technicians, for having previously provided fast, high-quality service for their clients.


Does my insurer choose where my smash repairs are done?

In the unlikely event that the insurance company exercises their right to undertake repairs, by doing so they assume responsibility for a satisfactory repair job. Typically, the onus is on you to select a repairer, meaning the responsibility for evaluating a satisfactory repair job is up to you. This means that any dispute about the quality of the repair or the collision shop’s guarantee is a contractual matter between you and the repairer to rectify.

If an insurance company recommends that you have a particular repairer estimate your claim or provide repairs, they are obliged to provide written notice that you can also have your repairs estimated and completed by a repairer of your choice.


Choose your smash repairs


Tips to find your Smash Repairer

Here are some tips that will help you find and select the right company to carry out your smash repairs.

  1. Preferred repairers – Having to deal with a vehicle that has been in an accident is troublesome enough, without having to worry about selecting a bad repairer. Considering the insurers deal with claims daily, consider their recommendations for local repairers as these recommendations are based on historical evidence of reliable and quality output being delivered.
  2. Online reviews – Social proof and publicised customer satisfaction levels can say a lot about a company and can provide potential customers the information they need to make an informed decision. By checking review history on Google or Facebook, you’ll get an idea of a company’s workmanship, customer service and satisfaction levels. How they respond to both positive and negative reviews show a willingness to listen to customers and a desire to improve their service experience.
  3. Experience – Carrying out high-quality and timely smash repairs relies on expertise, which comes only with experience and knowledge. As the professionals are well-versed with their job and possess top skills, they understand the work, parts, and time required to repair your vehicle. Check their website for their workmanship guarantee, where ideally you’d want to know that completed smash repairs come with a guarantee for as long as you own the vehicle.
  4. Location – A convenient location is a factor worth considering, as the process does not need to be further complicated with additional travel time or towing costs, for you to get your vehicle to the workshop.
  5. Get a quote – An easy and efficient quoting process can give you a high level of confidence when selecting a repairer, and cost can be a big factor to choose any smash repair company. Once attained, you can compare the price of different repairers to make your decision.


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Gino’s Panel & Paint partner with most of the major insurance companies and have worked hard to establish good business relationships with them, as we do with all our clients. We uphold exceptional standards in our processes, procedures, and staff and we take care to ensure everything is done as efficiently as possible, so we can get you back on the road faster.

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