How Often Should You Get Your Car Aircon Regassed?

Fortunately in 2019 car air conditioning is no longer the luxury it once used to be. We all have it in our cars and we expect it to work from the second we get in the car, all year round. There’s nothing better than seeking refuge from the Perth summer in your car while the air conditioning blasts you with ice cold air.

Over time however you may find your car air conditioning starts to lose the reliability it had when you first purchased the car. Like most mechanical things if you want it to work and work well it needs servicing and that’s exactly what aircon regassing is.

Here we outline what the process is, how often it should be done as well as some tips to increase the lifespan of your car air conditioning.


What is car air conditioning regassing?

Air conditioning regassing involves removing the existing refrigerant from your unit and replacing it with new refrigerant. During this process the qualified refrigerant technician will use a special gas recovery unit to remove the gas from your car air conditioner safely, in order to check for any repairs that need to be made. The gas recovery unit works in a way which prevents any gas escaping into the atmosphere which is especially harmful for the ozone layer.

The recovery unit will also measure the gas to identify if any has escaped. If it has, then the technician will top up the refrigerant gas levels. Without sufficient amounts of refrigerant your car air conditioning will struggle to blow the cold air we want in the peak of summer.


How often does your car AC need regassing?

On average it’s recommended you regas your car air conditioning once every two years. Obviously this is dependent on a handful of variables such as how often you use your car AC, if there’s a leak in your car aircon system and the age or quality of your system to name a few. Some brands as expected perform better than others and can last years without needing a regas.

“We suggest having your car conditioning system serviced once a year to maintain optimum efficiency all year round” says Aaron Scagliotta, Director (Gino’s Panel and Paint). “If you stay on top of your servicing you’ll be increasing the chances of your system lasting longer and not leaving you stranded when you need it most”

The best practice is to treat your car AC like your engine. The same way you wouldn’t neglect an engine issue you shouldn’t neglect an AC issue. Ultimately the less efficient your car aircon is running the harder your engine has to work and the higher your fuel consumption will be.


Tips to ensure your car air conditioning runs at optimum:

  • Try using sunshades in your car. The cooler you keep your car during the hot summer months the less your AC will have to work to bring the car to an optimum temperature.
  • Run your car air conditioner all year round, even during the cooler months. This will circulate the lubricant throughout the system ensuring it remains in good working order.
  • Ensure the cabin air filter is replaced regularly. A simple and cost effective measure to ensure the air you breath inside the car stays clean.
  • As previously mentioned regular maintenance goes a long way for your car air con. During your car aircon service individual parts can be repaired or replaced where necessary all ensuring your system is keeping you cool year round.

If you notice your car air conditioner is starting to lose its cool get in touch with the friendly team at Gino’s today. Something as simple as a regas may make that afternoon commute home from work just a little more comfortable. Not only is the team at Gino’s qualified to handle refrigerant gas in accordance with Australian regulations, but because we love what we do, we take care to get it right the first time.

(Gino’s license: RTA AU 26458)


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