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Insurance Claim FAQs

Firstly, we know it is quite a shock to be involved in an accident – so stay calm and ensure you have all information you may need to make a claim such as the other party’s name, registration number, phone number and insurance company details.Then you can start thinking about how to make a claim or choosing a panel beater. Our Insurance Repair process is quite straight forward:
  • STEP 1 Lodge your claim through your insurance company to get the process started.
  • STEP 2 Request Gino’s perform the repairs or Contact Gino's Panel & Paint directly with your claim number.
  • STEP 3 Make an appointment to get the work done and sit back and relax!
  • STEP 4 We will keep you updated live via SMS at every stage of the repair process.
  • STEP 5 Repairs are complete! Gino’s Rapid Repair technology will have you back on the road faster.
Gino's Panel & Paint Insurance Process
Gino's Panel and Paint work with most major insurance companies. Our panel beaters have taken care of the local community since 1973, and our quality smash repairs to accident damaged vehicles is acknowledged by our partner relationships with RAC, Allianz & Subaru.We are pre-authorised for most claims and can deal directly with your insurance company to progress your repair. We care about you and your car and we want you back on the road faster.
Most insurers will offer a choice of approved repairer. If your insurer tells you that you must use a certain smash repair business, you can always ask for clarification and suggest your own choice. Always ask the question.Gino’s is an insurance approved repairer with most insurance companies, so it’s highly likely that we provide our car repair services to your insurer. Contact Gino's Panel & Paint and provide your claim number. We can sort it out with your insurer from there. Easy!
Proceeding through your own insurer is usually more convenient and time effective for you as your insurer is working directly with you and your repairer. In dealing with a third party, you may not have the same flexibility in choice of repairer and in having the repairs carried out in a timely fashion.Contact your insurer to be sure. Once you have a claim number, we can provide an estimate.
Contact your insurer and let them know your circumstances, and ask to use Gino's Panel & Paint as your repairer. Then contact us on 9432 8200 with your claim number.You can call RAC on 13 17 03 and Allianz on 13 10 13 to directly make a claim.

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Panel Beater Service FAQ’s

Mobile Updates Rapid RepairOur estimators can have a printed estimate ready in a timely fashion. Some estimates may take a little longer due to the complexity of repairs or sourcing parts, but it will generally be ready within 2 hours.We are usually able to give our clients an accurate time frame for how long a repair is likely to take and aim to carry out all our car repairs to the highest standard and with the minimum of inconvenience to our clients. Many factors determine when repairs can commence and how long the process will take. Some factors which can impact on some repairs:
  • The complexity of the repairs which can mean that some damage may not be fully visible until the vehicle is stripped.
  • Parts availability, especially if they need to be sourced from interstate or overseas.
  • Unexpected changes to workflow schedules due to factors beyond our control.
  • Insurance claims need to be in order to proceed with repairs.
Our clients are updated on repairs in real time via SMS, ensuring they know exactly when each stage has been completed and when the car is ready to be picked up. Our clients are kept informed of any changes as soon as possible to minimise any inconvenience.
We get you back on the road faster!We have refined the repair process with state-of-the-art technology that reduces the steps required and wait times in between processes.Body shop technology used at Gino's Panel and Paint includes:
  • Symach Flydry: These machines are the latest in body shop automation and allow us to dry any car body part quicker and with improved results.
  • 1Q1 Body Shop Flow Management Software: The latest management system in our industry. It allows us to have complete control of the workflow and it helps us predict timings and costings so that you can get your car back sooner.
We also send real time progress updates to your phone so you’ll know when each stage is completed and exactly when to pick up your car.Read more about Rapid Repair.
Gino’s Panel and Paint provide a wide range of services as well as Smash Repairs. We also offer Car Scratch Repairs, Dent Removal, Car Detailing, Car Respraying, Bumper Repairs, Paint Protection and even Pre-Purchase Car Inspections.Our technicians care for our customers and provide them with the highest quality all round service - because we love what we do and take pride in getting it right first time.Please let us know if you would like us to quote on anything else while we have your car.
Of course! We know that repairing your vehicle after a car accident is a stressful time, so we will give your car the TLC it deserves with a wash and vacuum before you take it home.To our specialist technicians, quality is the number one priority. Using our state of the art equipment, your car receives a flawless refinish in a clean environment, restoring your vehicle to pre-accident condition.

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Panel Beater/Spray Painter Apprenticeship FAQ’s

Panel beaters and spray painters use specialised equipment and products to restore an accident damaged vehicle to look new.Panel beaters remove dents, carry out major and minor panel repairs and replacements, structural repairs/realignments and some mechanical/electrical repairs. Spray painters prepare new, old and repaired parts/surfaces, use sophisticated colour matching techniques and start of the art equipment and paint products for a perfect paint finish.Perth panel beater technician
To work as a panel beater/spray painter in Western Australia, you will need to complete an apprenticeship to achieve a certified trade qualification. You will then need to apply for a repairer licence: that is, a Motor Vehicle Repairer's (MVR) Certificate. You will need to supply a National Police Certificate with your application. If you don’t have an MVR, you must work under the supervision of someone who holds a current MVR certificate/licence. It is preferable and advantageous to have your own MVR.
A panel beating/spray painting apprenticeship usually takes 3 and a half years (42 months) to complete.
Absolutely! We hold apprenticeship drives and have recently been named MTA WA’s Employer of the Year, which is a testament to our amazing workplace culture and dedication to recruitment and training.We care about our employees, our customers and our community at large. We enjoy what we do and we are passionate about doing a great job. If this sounds like you, we would love to hear from you! Visit the Gino’s Panel and Paint employment page for more information.

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Systems and Practices FAQ’s

Car Craft members are experts in the collision repair industry.They understand the need to provide high quality repairs in the shortest possible time and will manage the whole process with your insurer, as well as repairing your vehicle.Car Craft members are equipped with state of the art technology and have the experience, equipment and expertise to ensure you receive a quality repair using the correct method in a timely manner.All Car Craft members operate with fair and reasonable charges that reflect our investments in our processes, procedures and staff.All Car Craft members have been audited for compliance with the national Green Stamp Environmental Management System. Green Stamp is a motor industry specific program that provides accreditation for businesses that comply with all the requirements.Car Craft Partner logo
We aim to carry out all our repairs to the highest standard and with the minimum of inconvenience to our clients.Our 1Q1 Bodyshop Flow Management System ensures we achieve that standard through continuous improvement practices, by delivering the highest possible quality in all our repair work and by observing industry best-practice in all our operations.Clients and insurers who use our services are secure in the knowledge that all our work is guaranteed.
The clients and insurers who use our services are secure in the knowledge that all our work is guaranteed.Western Australian law requires motor vehicle repair businesses to be licensed and employ qualified staff to supervise the repair work of your vehicle. Gino’s Panel and Paint possess the required Motor Vehicle Repairer Business License and the individual Motor Vehicle Repairer Licenses (License Number MRB268).Gino’s Panel and Paint is also a Car Craft member, which means we only use genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. This means you can rest easy knowing your vehicle will be repaired to manufacturers’ specifications using only genuine parts.In a nutshell:
  • Gino's offer 3 years warranty on labour & paint.
  • The manufacturers warranties vary on parts and new cars (usually 3-5 years)
  • The insurance companies/work providers offer a lifetime driver/policyholder warranty.
The WA government provides more info on your rights in regards to motor vehicle repairs.
Some dealers and manufacturers make broad statements that you will void your warranty or similar if you choose a repairer that is not part of the manufacturers network.The ACCC provides a Motor Vehicle Sales & Repairs Industry Guide which states that "any suggestion by car manufacturers or dealers that motor vehicles need to be serviced at a licensed dealer to maintain the owner's consumer guarantee rights is not correct."Gino’s Panel and Paint only use genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. This means you can rest easy knowing your vehicle will be repaired to manufacturers’ specifications using only genuine parts.
Consumer confidence in our ability to provide quality service and repairs is backed by the knowledge that our company and staff possess the required Motor Vehicle Repairer Business License (License Number MRB268) and the relevant individual Motor Vehicle Repairer Licenses.
Yes we are. We have been proud to call the Fremantle area home since 1973. We have children and grandchildren and we want to leave the area and the earth in a fit state for them.Our commitment is reflected in the fact that in 2002, we were one of only two accident repairers among a group of the 10 Inaugural Automotive Businesses to earn the Motor Trades Association’s highly regarded Green Stamp accreditation, which we maintain today.Our environmental management plan ensures we manage environmental risks, collect and store waste products for recycling and safe disposal by licensed operators and we always look for ways to improve Gino's Panel & Paint environmental management practices, in accordance with the Green Stamp program and in partnership with Eco-Logical Australia and Eco-Friendly Symach.

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Car Paint Matching FAQ’s

Gino’s Panel and Paint uses the latest technology from AkzoNobel Colorvation to ensure a seamless workflow when it comes to car paint colour matching.The Colorvation car paint colour match process means the team has greater accuracy and work more efficiently in the car paint colour matching process.By combining fully down-drafted pressurised cabins, our painting environment provides a dust free environment, perfect for refinishing vehicles. This system is one of the most environmentally friendly systems available.
We provide full car respraying and spraying of individual panels as part of insurance repairs.We have pressurised dust-free and environmentally friendly cabins, perfect for refinishing vehicles.We care about the quality and finish of your car paint repair work and our shortwave microwave technology allows us to ensure your car can be ready in the fastest possible time without compromising quality.Our Auto-Refinish Technicians can tell you more about our car paint repair and car spray paint options.
AkzoNobel Colorvation is the newest digital technology in vehicle colour refinishing, which provides Gino’s Panel and Paint greater accuracy and greater efficiency in their car paint colour matching process. Gino’s has doubled its car paint matching accuracy already!

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Customer Service FAQ’s

Make sure you have your insurance claim number ready and go to our Get A Smash Repairs Estimate page to organise a time to bring your car in for an estimate.Please note: non-insurance quotes require a $100 quote fee. This fee is deducted from the cost of completed repairs.
We accept EFT, credit cards (Visa & Mastercard) and cash.
We’re open 8.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday, however if you need to contact us after hours you can either email us on or message us through our the Gino's Panel & Paint Facebook page. Our friendly chatbot can answer most of your questions or we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Yes please! We love having lots of friends and it means we can keep you up to date on all Gino’s Panel and Paint news, as well as giving you lots of interesting tips and information on the automotive industry. Follow Gino’s Panel & Paint on Facebook here. You can also get questions answered by our friendly chatbot by messaging us through Facebook!

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