18 03, 2022

Beating Traffic Congestion on Perth Roads

2022-03-18T00:30:28+00:00March 18th, 2022|Mechanical Service, Smash Repairs|

Let’s face it, no one likes sitting bumper-to-bumper in traffic watching the minutes go by. Unfortunately, as our beloved Perth roads become more and more congested, it’s a reality many of us face on our daily commute. While our road network is constantly evolving in an effort to tackle the traffic crisis, we are seemingly

10 02, 2022

The Driver’s Guide to Having a Car Recalled

2022-03-01T01:59:20+00:00February 10th, 2022|Mechanical Service|

Car recalls affect hundreds of thousands of cars on our roads each year, and are often a great source of stress for drivers who are unaware of how to handle them. While a car can be recalled for a number of reasons, ranging from minor issues to serious safety defects, it’s vital that all impacted

6 08, 2021

How Can I Extend My Vehicle’s Life Expectancy?

2022-03-01T02:03:03+00:00August 6th, 2021|Mechanical Service|

Most drivers want their car to be in great driving condition and to be in that condition for as long as possible. Even an older car can be reliable if it is well-maintained. Treating your new or used car right will not only prolong your vehicle’s lifespan, it will also save you money on repairs.

20 07, 2021

Accidents: Should I Drive, or Should I Tow?

2022-03-01T02:03:20+00:00July 20th, 2021|Mechanical Service, Smash Repairs|

It's impossible not to be stressed when you've broken down on a main road in Perth, or worse yet, you’ve been involved in an accident. Once details have been exchanged with those involved, and dependent on the severity of the incident, you may ask yourself the question: should I drive, or should I tow?  

5 05, 2021

The Importance Of Brake Servicing

2022-03-01T02:04:18+00:00May 5th, 2021|Mechanical Service|

Your brakes are the most important safety system in your vehicle and when they are not well maintained through regular car servicing, they can let you down when you need them most. Whilst small issues tend to be overlooked during everyday driving or commuting, brakes that are not doing the job they are designed to,

12 04, 2021

4 Tips On How To Be A Better Car Lover

2022-03-01T02:05:22+00:00April 12th, 2021|Car Detailing, Mechanical Service|

Whilst some of us treat our car like a human being, with unrivaled care and attention, the majority of us don’t. Even still, we know that when it comes to our own vehicle, a little car care can go a long way toward reducing running costs and maintaining its value. Here are four quick tips

5 01, 2021

Essential Equipment for Off-Road 4WD Adventures

2021-01-11T04:10:07+00:00January 5th, 2021|Hints & Tips, Mechanical Service|

Are you preparing for your first off-road adventure or simply going further and for longer than you have before? Amongst the excitement, it can be easy to neglect the essentials that will best keep you safe and sound and getting back as planned. In this article, we look at the essentials you should pack for

10 12, 2020

What Isn’t Covered in Your New Car Warranty

2021-01-11T04:11:58+00:00December 10th, 2020|Hints & Tips, Mechanical Service|

Every car, new or used, sold in Australia is covered by a warranty and it’s important to know what is covered and what is not. New cars can have warranties that extend up to 10 years and cover the repair or replacement of any inbuilt defects. For a warranty claim to be honoured, the defect

26 11, 2020

FWD, RWD, AWD and 4WD: Knowing Your Drivetrain

2020-12-10T04:02:50+00:00November 26th, 2020|Hints & Tips, Mechanical Service|

When someone decides to purchase a new vehicle there’s a handful of things buyers will generally take into consideration. One of the most important elements of your vehicle and likely one of the least understood is your drivetrain. Your drivetrain will determine how your car handles different road conditions and will affect overall ride quality

24 07, 2020

How Do I Know When My Car Needs New Tyres?

2020-07-28T01:03:50+00:00July 24th, 2020|Hints & Tips, Mechanical Service|

Tyres are one of the most neglected parts of our cars however we should all take better care of them. Tyres are the only contact your vehicle has with the road and it’s imperative they are in good condition all year-round to ensure safe driving conditions. Here are some telltale signs that your car tyres

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