Whilst some of us treat our car like a human being, with unrivaled care and attention, the majority of us don’t. Even still, we know that when it comes to our own vehicle, a little car care can go a long way toward reducing running costs and maintaining its value. Here are four quick tips to be a better car lover.


Please wash me, regularly

One of the easiest and best car care tips is to simply wash your vehicle regularly. By doing so, the exterior will be better protected and the car will look better for longer. Despite being a simple task, many of us do it too infrequently and others (believe it or not), wash it too often.

Washing your car should be dictated by several factors:

  • Where it’s parked – Whether it is regularly left undercover or in the open
  • How frequently it’s driven – Just being on the road and in the elements will inevitably accrue dirt, dust, and pollen
  • Weather conditions – Rain and wind result in obvious build-up, but constant sun can also impact your finishes
  • Tree sap or bird poo – Leaving either on your exterior for too long will damage the finish

It’s generally a good idea to wash your vehicles every 2-4 weeks, depending on the above factors and particularly if you reside in a coastal area, due to the saltwater carried by the wind. Otherwise, park your car in the garage or undercover, not only to keep it cooler but also to reduce exposure to the elements.


Avoid potholes, bumps, and puddles

Whilst it can be tempting for some, its always best to avoid those juicy roadside puddles for the obvious potential for loss of concentration or vehicle control, they can also be harbouring large potholes or bumps.

At times, any one of these might be unavoidable, but as an example, hitting potholes in the road without concern will deliver unnecessary punishment to many parts of your car. Your suspension can be affected as a result, as can the tyres, rims, and undercarriage components.

Unexpected bumps can damage tyres, and large potholes or speed humps, if not approached sensibly, can scrape parts underneath the car such as the exhaust. Whilst they might provide a shock or a thrill, they can also lead to an expensive repair bill.


White vehicle travelling quickly on wet road


Taking it easy on the roads

Smooth driving around town will not only mean a safer community for others but will also aid in the longevity and efficiency of your vehicle and its parts. When you push your vehicle to the limits, your brakes, tyres, and engine take the brunt of it.

A few recommendations that will see your essential parts last longer include:

  • Avoid starting and stopping quickly – which will place strain on your engine and brakes
  • Don’t rev your engine & avoid slow acceleration – both use more fuel and strain the engine
  • Slow down around corners – which will wear down your tyres unevenly

Some general tips for driving smoothly include; staying alert and preparing early to brake rather than slamming the brakes on late; accelerating steadily rather than quickly, and keeping two hands on the steering wheel. Doing so, will lower your fuel consumption, and put less strain on your brakes, tyres, and engine.


Rolling into the service station

As drivers, we have all delayed filling up our tanks until it’s nearly too late.

When the fuel tank runs low, it’s possible that air can be introduced into the fuel system – a big problem for engines and fuel management computers. There is also a chance that sediment is sucked into the cylinder chamber, causing problems inside the motor. Cars do have fuel filters, but it might mean you will have to replace a fuel filter sooner or even the fuel pump.


By being better to your car, you are saving on running costs and avoiding potentially costly repairs. Hopefully, these quick tips have inspired you to wash your car more regularly and fill up sooner.

A tip not covered in the article is to ensure you are regularly servicing your vehicle as dictated by your logbook and otherwise acting quickly when issues arise. If your car is due for a service, Gino’s Panel and Paint are based in Fremantle and service all makes and models. To find out more contact our friendly team today.