10 Tips for Buying a Used Car

Unless you are an expert, we recommend a professional inspect the car pre-purchase. It is a small price to pay to save you thousands! Gino’s has inspection packages starting from $150.

If you choose to risk it – here are some tips to cover off some basics to look out for:

10 Things to Check When Buying a Second Hand Car

  1. During your test drive listen for suspicious noises when it starts, idles and changes gears. All these processes should be smooth and not clunky.
  2. Feel for shaking. Try driving on different surfaces. Go up and down a steep hill. Put it through its paces.
  3. Test the brakes and handbrake on a steep hill to make sure they are correctly adjusted.
  4. Check the dipstick. The oil should be clean and shouldn’t look dark or thick.
  5. Look under the hood for fluid leaks and general wear and tear. Check the logbook and ask about any parts that are looking worn. Gauge whether you are up for any additional parts replacement any time soon and factor this amount in to your offer.
  6. Check under the car for any leaks – both before you go for a drive and after.
  7. Check for obvious signs that it has been in a major accident. Give-aways are uneven gaps between panels and mis-matched paint.
  8. Check the tyres. Make sure the tread is at least 1.5mm and check their age. Are they worn evenly? If not, you may be up for a tyre replacement soon, or worse – it could indicate a bigger problem. Have tyres been treated with tyre shine to make them look newer than they are? Don’t forget the spare.
  9. Check underneath the body, bonnet and carpet for rust. Look for scratches or dents where maybe slightly rusted areas have been touched up to try to conceal the faults.
  10. Test all lights, equipment and accessories (like air conditioning, windscreen wipers, power windows, wing mirrors, spare tyre, central locking and car radio) are there and work properly.

At Gino’s we are dedicated to giving you quality service according to your needs. Therefore, we have 3 different pre-purchase inspection options available, depending on what level of service you would like. View the Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Packages here.

Bonus Tip!

Check There is Not Finance Owing

Write down the VIN number and click through to the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) Quick Search to check that the car has no finance owing on it.

PPSR Quick Motor Vehicle Search
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